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Local Library

Where is the best place to find books at your child’s ability level and books that meet their interests?  Your local library, of course!  Your librarian can help your child find just the right books.  It is important to find books that are relatively easy for your child to read and comprehend.  Once your child […]

Thesaurus – Another Way to Say It!

Back to school is a time for shopping for clothes and school supplies.  One thing you may want to consider getting for your child is a thesaurus.  A thesaurus is a book that supplies synonyms and antonyms for words.  Basically, it provides “another way to say it.”  When children are writing in school, they’re encouraged […]

The Importance of Vocabulary

Vocabulary is central to learning to read.  Webster’s Dictionary defines vocabulary as: stock of words used by a person, people, or group As an educator, I know the importance of having a rich vocabulary.  It’s essential that parents read and talk with their children starting at a very young age.  There have been numerous studies […]

Summer Reading & Writing With Your Child

I would like to share some suggestions for summer reading and writing with your child. Go to the library often.  Read books of various genres including fables, legends, folk tales, mysteries, biographies of famous people, along with classics. Read, read, & read some more. Read with your child at least  5 days/week—7 days if possible for […]

Benefits of Reading Aloud

Some of my most cherished memories were when my mom read to me and when I read aloud to my own children.  As they got older, they would read aloud to me.  There are many benefits to reading aloud. I would like to share some with you.  Reading aloud: helps students and adults develop an […]

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