Bubbles For Poppo & Ed Gets His Own Day

It’s been pretty exciting around the bananaEd Productions studio lately!  A couple of recent equipment upgrades are allowing us to do all sorts of new, fun things in episodes of The Reading Lady that we haven’t done before.  You’ll see some of these techniques in our two new episodes, Bubbles for Poppo and Ed’s Day.

Bubbles for Poppo presents the touching conclusion to Annie MacDonald’s Poppo series.  The books follow a young girl named Jenny as she learns to cope with losing her grandfather to ALS.  This fourth installment shows children that they can handle grief in a positive way and that it’s okay to ask questions and share feelings, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one.  The Reading Lady is proud to have been able to share the entire series over the course of recent episodes.

In Ed’s Day, the Reading Lady teaches kids about two important word endings: -ed and -ing.  The -ed ending is, of course, Ed’s favorite, and kids will enjoy the way that the Reading Lady works this into her lessons.  Watch for some special surprises from Ed during this episode!

We’re happy to share these two episodes with kids and parents alike, and hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed filming them!  Our production process is always growing and changing in an effort to provide the best possible quality and to help children foster a lifelong love of reading.