Shower Yourself with Books!

Spring is here!  I don’t know about you, but while everyone else is thinking about April showers that will bring May flowers, my mind is on reading.  Spring is a great time to focus on showering your children (and yourself) with good books.  Whether you make frequent trips to the library or start haunting your favorite book store, you’ll find that you can never have “too many” great things to read.

Books offer a window into so many subjects.  Religion, history science…whatever you like to learn about, books provide the knowledge to help you grow.  The nice thing about books is that you can take them anywhere and read them anytime.  You can get lost in a really good book!

Don’t know where to start?  Here are some suggestions for “spring” (or anytime) reading:

  •  If your child likes to read aloud, Scholastic has what you’re looking for.
  •  ChristianBook is the perfect place to go to find Christ-centered themes for all ages.

Parents can get in on the fun with the new trend in “adult” coloring books.  From garden patterns to intricate mandalas, there’s something for everyone.

I hope these suggested resources will help fill up your spring reading schedule.  I know that I’ve purchased my coloring books!  They’re so relaxing and creative.  Why not set aside some “reading and coloring” time with the kids?

Remember to visit your local library and book stores.  Shake off the winter blues and spring into reading!  Everyone here at The Reading Lady wishes you and yours “Happy Spring Reading!”

Photo by H. Assaf/Free Images