Cooking Up Learning!

It’s fall and thoughts of apple and pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread and muffins come to mind.  The aroma of spices fill the kitchen.  What does all of this have to do with learning you ask?  Well cooking involves a great number of opportunities for young people to learn.  When you follow a recipe, you’re learning to follow directions.  (We all know that if you don’t, the final product can be a disaster).  There is also reading involved.  Children will learn new words to add to their vocabulary.  They will also learn math skills that include fractions, measurements, and ratios.    All of these things will add to a child’s learning experience in a fun and engaging manner.  It also allows for quality time between you and your child/children.   Skills learned in the kitchen will last a lifetime so why not cook up some learning with your kids today!

If you want a simple recipe to start you off, try these oatmeal muffins from Quantum Vegan.  These muffins are a favorite in our household.  Enjoy!