Poppo, Ty Cooney, and a One-Hour Episode!

Exciting things have been happening here at The Reading Lady!  Stations across the US are now airing our first ever hour-long episode featuring Steven Riley’s book, Little Ty Cooney and the Big Yellowstone Mystery.  This is the second book in Mr. Riley’s Ty Cooney series and follows the adventures of Ty and his friend, Stan, through Yellowstone National Park.

As part of this special episode, Mr. Riley himself appears in a fun 15-minute segment!  While narrating entirely in rhyme, Mr. Riley takes kids through both Yellowstone and Yosemite, pointing out landmarks and native animals that appear in the Ty Cooney books.  We are grateful to Mr. Riley for taking the time to provide us with this segment, and are honored to be able to share it with our viewers.

Also now airing is Poppo’s Very Best Trick, the third installment in Annie MacDonald’s touching Poppo series.  Ms. MacDonald continues to do a wonderful job presenting a difficult subject in a way that children can understand and identify with.  It is our hope that, by featuring these books on The Reading Lady, we can help her bring comfort to kids and families who are dealing with family illness or the loss of a loved one.

As always, feedback is appreciated!  If you have a comment or question about any episode of The Reading Lady, feel free to leave it here on the blog or drop us an e-mail.  Happy reading!