Plugging away!

Hello, fellow lovers of reading!  Hope you’re making the most of these waning days of summer, enjoying the sun, maybe a vacation and, of course, something awesome to read!

We’re hard at work here on two brand-new Reading Lady episodes that we’re hoping will be great fun as kids head back to school, or start school for the first time.  For those entering kindergarten or just learning to read, we’re very excited about re-visiting the wonderful alphabet book, Magical Alphabet, by our old friend Ashok Malhotra.  Mr. Malhotra’s colorful images and fun poems will be paired up with some great alphabet and word lessons to make a well-rounded learning experience for budding readers!

We are also working on selections from another fun book by Katie Hart Smith.  Her newest book encourages children to get up and move, use their imaginations, and much more.  We’re having a lot of fun with this one, and hope that you will, too!

Check back here for more news and information as we put the finishing touches on these new episodes.  Enjoy the rest of your summer, and remember to hit up your local library or bookstore for a last round of great summer reading!

  1. Hello Reading Lady

    Sounds Good Reading Lady! Congratulation for doing so much wondeful work for little children. I am delighted that I could contribute something in this direction. There is nothing morer joyous than the Joy children express at the wonders of our world – The Alphabet being one of them.

    regards and best wishes


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